Customized Software Solutions

Nimble E-solutions offers both ‘off-the-shelf solutions’ and ‘tailor-made application’ development.

Off-the-shelf software solutions are ready to install applications which have little to no scope of customizations.

Nimble ready-to-use application offerings:

  1. Label & Signage Creation application
  2. Loan and finance Management Application
  3. E2S – Enquiry to sales Management System
  4. Bill Of Material Generation

The ready-to-use applications though easy to acquire presents a lot of implementation and customization challenges to meet the exact needs of a growing organizations .

The Tailor-made application will focus on the fulfilling your precise needs and then scale it need based. The application will grow or increase in modules as the business grows.

Nimble Team works extensively on requirements gathering, and then presenting the solution. This will certainly increase the productivity of the employees reflecting in the smooth running of business. In such cases the complete business cycle can be developed periodically:

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