Services & Amenities

Elderly Shelter & Care

Our team of professionals will ensure the individuals get the right care and ease their healing at Gulmohar They take care of all the medical needs.

Assisted Care

Our nurses are a perfect combination of a loving companion and holistic caregiver for the patient in need. They are trained to bridge the gap between the patient, doctor, and the patient’s family.

Post Operative Care

We provide post-operative rehabilitation at the comfort of your home for a speedy recovery.

Terminal Care

For long-term illness which may or may not be curable. we take utmost care in providing solutions. Quality of stay and well-being. We also provide emotional support to the patients & their families.

Short Term Care

Welcomes your aging parents for a short term stay as well. If you are working, want to go for short term holiday , any project abroad which demands travel for a few weeks, Gulmohar is an excellent & a safe alternative for the elderly to stay.
  • Complete support from Highly qualified, professional staff & care givers
  • Comfy beds marked up with ample moving space.
  • Customized physical therapy for speedy recovery & mobility.
  • Well-equipped kitchen providing nutritious food
    prepared in consultation with dieticians.
  • An activity or amusement room to spend quality time & bond with other inmates
  • Music & television.
  • Complete Wi-Fi premises.
  • On call consultation by specialists on demand.
  • laundry services on demand.
  • Personal grooming services on demand.
  • Availability of on call drivers.
  • Professional pathology services.
  • Periodic sessions on motivation .
  • Bed-sore & wound care.
  • Video calling facility.

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