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gr8synergy e-LMS Content Development - Nimble e-solutions


Methodology of Development

Step1: Creation of Storyboard

gr8synergy e-LMS storyboard task was to create a logical navigational flow for the learner. This story board contains complex interlinked layers.

The layers are created mainly to ensure that the learner visits all the important topics and do not skip or jump. The subject requires this rigid and strict navigation so that all the exercises are attempted only after the course is thoroughly learned.

The Total storyboard for ASA course consists of 189 slides spread over 12 modules. And VIA Course consist of 89 slides spread over 9 modules.

Module 1:

Overview of ASA

Step 2: Create Script
Step 3: Record Script

Audio Recording

Step 4: (Simultaneous Process) Platform Creation with Layout and Graphics

Graphic Template

Step 5: Integrate Voice Over with Script on the Timeline

Step 6: Publish on eLMS

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