Video Interview & Talent Assessment Platform

Homepage Highlights

Custom theme developed as per the Design specifications provided on Invision

Separate primary, secondary, tertiary and footer menu developed for every product. These are seamless integrated with wordpress menus to ensure user experience

Every product functionality is showcased through SVG Animation embedded on the page. This tailor made SVG animations are very light-weight and are truly responsive in nature

Home page hosts Inline-video player embedded with SVG Image. The other specialty sections are blending logo slider followed by completely customized post slider for Testimonials website development – A Pixel perfect match

Going Live Date
24th July 2019

Website Status
Under AMC 

Going Live Date
1st December 2018

Website Status
Under AMC 

Website developed for Monjin by matching pixel-to-pixel design requirement

Blending inner pages

An User Experience is achieved only with consistant theme and well planned navigation. For a site with more than 100 pages achieving this was a massive task. Through team work and by implementing strict standardization we achieved this in period of three months

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