V K Pumps Industries

One of the leading manufacturers of Metering and

Dosing Pumps in India

Homepage Highlights

Theme was specially designed for re-branding. The new Logo & Brand colour were focus points.

The theme was created in sync with the present collateral’s. This was essential for creating an uniformity in all media communications.

Two core business areas are categorized for first time visitors and repeat visitors.

vkpumps.com website – Re-branding Logo & Colour

Going Live Date
17th Nov. 2015

Website Status
Under AMC 

Blending inner pages

A re-branding exercise require fine tuning with existing collateral’s yet need to have a touch of digital media. This was achieved through the header and primary menu section. The strength of the organization – their high capacity Industrial Pumps & Dosing Systems were showcased on the homepage for the navigation purpose. The product variants are displayed in vertical scroll and all the technical specifications were presented with line drawings. 

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