Solving Coliosis

Live healthy life with scoliosis

Homepage Highlights

Dr. Dr Shridhar Chiplunkar firmly believes that implementing postural interventions scoliosis can be cured without medication or surgery. The home page is designed to showcase his technques and create awareness through full-width video.

What is Scoliosis?  is answered in layman’s language. These complex wordings are made simpler to understand with illustrations

The simple checks that can be detected at early stage specially in children were displayed illustratively. The entire home page is very informative, user friendly, designed forcreating awareness about its treatment methodology. website development – As name suggests it is all about scoliosis and its treating it with postural interventions

Going Live Date
9th Oct 2017

Website Status
Handed over to IT Dept.

Blending inner pages

The website inner pages are mainly informative pages for visitors. Their questions about treatment are answered in detail. The tretment, its nature is explained with photographs and detailed information. 

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