Sunil Tapse

Homepage Highlights

A completely automated e-learning portal for courses on Know your Character Strengths. Registration to the course is as easy as ‘Select.Pay.Learn’

Separate primary, secondary, tertiary and footer menu developed for every product. These are seamless integrated with wordpress menus to ensure user experience

To create awareness about e-learning courses and Character Strengths videos from global researchers are embedded and showcased right below the banner.

The target audience varies from Teenager students to corporate professionals. Keeping this in mind the theme uses vibrant colours and illustrations. portal development – Create awareness and attract new registrations

Going Live Date
15th April 2016

Website Status
Under AMC 

Blending inner pages

The task of creating awareness and attracting new registration required a portal with a balance of information and action points. This is achieved mainly through illustrations and strategically planned navigation. The cart is developed with courses variants in male and female voice and are bundled with reports. Videos were specially created for showcasing the benefits of understanding character strengths and enhancing them.

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